S.No Policy Title Link
01 Admission Policy Download
02 Arabic Islamic policy Download
03 Child Protection Policy Download
04 Complaints policy Download
05 Confidentiality policy Download
06 Health and Safety policy Download
07 Nappy Change policy Download
08 Behavior Management Policy Download
09 CCTV Camera Standard Operating Procedures Download
10 Complaints policy Download
11 Child Supervision Policy Download
12 Community Engagements Policy Download
13 First Aid and Medicine Download
14 General Admission Policy Download
15 Parental Complaint Policy Download
16 Parental Involment Policy Download
17 Parents Rights And Responsibilities Policy Download
18 Partnership with Parents and Communication Policy Download
19 Healthy Eating And Nutrition Download
20 Performance Evaluation Policy Download
21 Child Protection Policy Download
22 Profesional Code of Conduct Policy Download
23 Confidentiality policy Download
24 Professional Development And Training Policy Download
25 Records And Confidentiality Policy Download
26 Staff Recruitment And Appointment Policy Download
27 Staff Rights And Responsibilites Policy Download
28 Toy Cleaning and Discinfecting Policy And Procedure Download
29 Tuition Fees and Refunds Download
30 Use of Premises Download
31 Communicable Disease Control Policy Download
32 Financial Management Policy Download
33 Fire Protection Policy Download
34 Inclusive Early Childhood Education And Care (SEN Policy) Download
35 Visitors And Volunteers Policy Download


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